Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Lots of wasted toilet paper

So you’ve tried the KonMari method of tidying your home by keeping the items that spark joy and throwing away the things that don’t. Looking to keep it that way and reduce the junk at your home? Here are some ways you can reduce your waste in your bathroom and kitchen. Bathroom We generate unnecessary […]

Getting Rid of Sentimental Junk

An old chair by the wall

You bought a comfy couch with your first paycheck. It was your first purchase, and you’ve made several memories and taken countless naps on it. It made you cozy and warm. But lately, it has lost its charm, and the magic has disappeared. We know you hold that couch dear to your heart, but it’s […]

When Should You Hire a Junk Removal Company?

Lots of junk outside a house

While many people prefer asking for help to carry out complex tasks like junk removal and decluttering, others are control freaks and want to do everything themselves. However, doing everything on your own can slow the progress of the work and may result in mishaps. By taking a professional junk removal service in Cherokee County […]

All You Need to Know About Television Disposal

A woman sitting next to a CRT tv

Americans are obsessed with their televisions because the sales soar to new heights every year. However, this obsession also means that a significant number of old televisions must be disposed of each year. While several homes still have old CRT TVs, many get rid of their old LCD TVs. Television forms E-waste, and here’s all […]

What to Do with My Old Sofa: Your Options to Responsibly Remove it

Old sofas at the curb

If you’re downsizing, moving, or updating your home’s furnishing, you’ll need to dispose of your old furniture responsibly. Depending on your local recycling and disposal options and furniture’s condition, getting rid of an old sofa can be tricky. If you can’t sell it, and no one’s taking it away, you can check out the following […]

Things You Can’t Recycle in Your Curbside Bin

An overloaded curbside bin

Curb Recycling Programs in Georgia have enabled the citizens to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling items from their homes. While there are many things that one can recycle, they shouldn’t be mixed with the items that can’t be recycled. It can result in your entire recycling bin getting contaminated. Here’s a list of things […]