About Us

Wild Willy

Bill “Wild Willy” Feeney spent many days collecting junk for his projects. As a WWII veteran who lived through the Great Depression, he understood the value of re-purposing junk items for re-use. Typically it was an old window or door that came from the landfill or a used part for an old truck he owned. He always saw the value in the age old saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Bill was always willing to help his neighbors with side projects in the same ways he would re-purpose junk that he found around town. Bill also loved helping the local senior community with their projects around the house.

Wild Willy is the founder’s (Jeff Feeney) grandfather. Jeff and his sons (Zach and Daniel) have adopted a junk removal service with the practice of being responsible with your items as they don’t see it as “Just Junk Removal Service or Junk Hauling Service”. Via the junk removal process, they see many items that deserve a “Second Chance” and re-purpose them via our recycle, reuse, relove program.

Meet the Team.

The Feeney Family.

Jeff Feeney


Lynda Feeney

Chief Administration Officer

Junk Removal Services

Zach Feeney

Media Manager/Hauler

Daniel Feeney

Social Expert/Hauler

Our Mission

Our mission statement is clear. Our goal is to be honest, reliable and ethical with our junk removal services by doing what we say we will do while offering predictable, transparent pricing with no hidden cost. If we price it out and we miss the mark, we will not change it. Treat those as you would want to be treated while helping build a safe, responsible way for handling junk one load at a time.