You’d be surprised to know that around 1 billion trees worth of paper are casually dumped in the US every year. Facts and figures like these increase the need for better recycling laws and regulations in the country.

Besides that, approximately 10 million tons of newspaper are thrown in the trash every year. Resources like paper and trees can be put to better use if people recycle them instead of unethically throwing them away.

Here are some of the things you can recycle to reduce your carbon footprint.


Newspapers are one of the most idly thrown away items amongst all waste materials, even though it’s the easiest to recycle.

Recycling old newspapers can save up to 60% of the resources required to make new ones.


Did you know that if you recycle 1 ton of cardboard, it can save more than 9 cubic yards of land space and 24% of the energy and resources required to create new carboards? Well, yes.

Another useful tip to conserve space is to flatten the cardboard.


Paperboard is the thinner version of cardboard that’s used for product boxes, shoe boxes, and similar containers. Just like a newspaper, it’s also easily recyclable.

However, keep in mind to flatten it like the cardboards to create more space in the recycling bin.


Plastic Bottles

PET also referred to as Polyethylene terephthalate is a plastic that’s used for water, juice, or any other soda bottle.

Did you know that around 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away per hour in the US? Therefore, recycling these plastic bottles not only helps the environment but also saves so many resources.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is known to retain its properties for a very long time hence it’s an ideal thing for recycling.

If you recycle aluminum, it can save almost 95% of the energy that’s required to make new aluminum cans. Moreover, it also reduces the need to mine new aluminum which helps preserve the environment at large.

Steel Cans

You can recycle a large amount of steel by not throwing away the container of canned products that are commonly available in the market for food items like fruits, soups, vegetables, and coffee.

However, make sure you rinse them before recycling.

Glass Containers

Glass containers that are used for packaging food and beverage can also be easily recycled. You’d be surprised to know that recycled glass containers can be substituted for 95% of the raw materials that are used to produce new glass containers or bottles.

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