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Decluttering can be a therapeutic process that not only allows you to organize your space, but also helps you feel in-control.

This anti-guide will share some of these common mistakes you can prevent by considering what you intend to do with your space before you make any changes!

1. Organize First, Buy Things Later

Decluttering tends to go hand in hand with organizing. And it’s very tempting to splurge on cleaning and organizational products before starting the hard part. Before you decide to hit the supermarket to spend money on supplies, organize your space and see what you really need first.

Start by sorting through your things, and make a plan for all the possessions you’ve collected over the years. Find a home for everything before you start busting out the cleaning products and multipurpose organizers!

2. Set Reasonable Expectations

Decluttering is a long process! You can’t expect to reduce clutter in one day. It takes time to work through the steps of decluttering your space, so set realistic goals. Otherwise you might end up losing motivation and give up on the whole process!

3. Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

Unless you are an expert organizer, don’t try to tackle organizing your space by yourself. Hiring a professional could be the best way to help you get your space in shape. A professional junk removal service could make your life easier by taking away the larger clutter you can’t get rid of yourself.

4. Don’t Take on Too Much At Once

Decluttering is a time-consuming process, so give yourself time to focus on one room at a time! Tackle your master bedroom, then move onto the kitchen, etc.

This will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed before moving onto the next area of your home. It will also free up more space for decluttering while reducing stress (and clutter) along the way!

5. Don’t Be Tempted to Multi-task

It’s tempting to do several different things at once, but you really need to focus on one task or activity for it to be successful.

Organizing your space is more than just putting items in the right place. It often requires you to think about each item with purpose, before deciding if it’s truly needed or not. Complete what you started before moving on to another task.

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