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Recycling gives us an excellent reason to be more eco-conscious—because caring about our planet and its resources is a great way to start living more sustainably.

Just as recycling keeps our use of natural resources in check, caring about the environment will help keep our planet and its resources healthy for future generations.

Recycling may seem like a small act, but recycling is an integral part of sustainable living. Here’s how recycling helps save our planet.

Recycling Helps Reduce Our Reliance On Fossil Fuels

The number of natural resources you can recover through recycling is more than what you could ever reclaim from mining for coal and other energy sources. In addition, reusing water, metals, and glass is much more effective for saving the planet than mining.

Recycling Is Non-Polluting

The recovery of all of the resources used in recycling is a short step away from the extraction of these materials, which means that half of what we currently mine in other countries would be possible to recover through recycling if it were done on a large enough scale.

Only 2% of the material used to make new goods end up in landfills after using or wearing off items. Recycling increases our efficiency and lowers our environmental impact by capturing most if not all of our resources from the beginning.

Recycling Saves Energy

Recycling one ton of aluminum saves as much energy as driving a car for 500 miles, and it’s less harmful to the environment than pumping oil or burning coal.

Like aluminum, things like aluminum are found in so many finished products that a wide-ranging recycling program could help the energy crisis by making recycling commonplace.

Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Approximately half of the raw materials are taken from our soil to produce all of the resources we need to become unusable waste every day.

A typical American uses as much natural resource per day as 34 people living in developing countries. Recycling helps slow down this problem and reduces our dependence on “virgin” materials, which can be difficult to renew or replace.

Recycling Keeps Things From Going To The Landfill

Without recycling, there’s a severe risk that new materials will never be used again. Every year, Americans throw away enough food to give each person in the country a third of the daily calorie requirement.

Without recycling programs in place, we’re throwing away food that could’ve easily been used again if our manufacturing processes made it easier to do so.

Recycling Encourages Companies To Operate More Ethically And Sustainably

It’s difficult for companies operating in developing countries or large corporations with multiple divisions not to take more responsibility for their operations and less of an impact on our Earth’s resources.

Recycling allows these companies to make more sustainable choices by recycling their resources and choosing not to produce new products.

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