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About 82% of US residents use at least one refrigerator. But after five or ten years, they will likely be considering whether it is time to get rid of their refrigerator as it may no longer be working properly and may not be saving money on energy bills like they once thought it would.

This article lists a few signs that tell you it’s time to dispose of your refrigerator:

Keeping It Is Costly

Owning an old refrigerator may make you think it saves you money because it’s not as advanced in technology as a new model.

The cost to keep an old fridge working can be considerable, and many old models will need to be replaced or repaired for several thousand dollars—even after their expected life has already expired.

The CPSC also reports that repairing a broken fridge is only half the battle. Approximately 13 percent of refrigerators repaired after being damaged from a malfunction end up needing repair again.

It’s often best to replace your refrigerator.

Not Always Energy Efficient

The Refrigerator Efficiency Scale is a scale of stars that indicates how energy efficient a refrigerator is based on its overall performance.

A rating of 4 stars or less means that your refrigerator is inefficient and probably on its last leg. You will need to replace it with a new one soon to save money on your energy bills. If your refrigerator is inefficient, replace it!

The A/C Compressor May Be Damaged

The air conditioning compressor in an older refrigerator is not going to be durable forever. It will eventually fail over time and stop working entirely. This will make it very hard for your refrigerator to keep your food cool, and you should be proactive about getting it replaced soon.

The Refrigerator Doesn’t Have a Self-Cleaning Filter.

If you have a black wire mesh filter in your old refrigerator that is not self-cleaning, it will need to be replaced every month. This means that you should get an estimate from your local appliance repair person or refrigerator repair company before thinking about buying a used one.

If they tell you it will cost hundreds of dollars, you may want to consider buying a new one instead of dumping hundreds into an old one.

It’s best to discard old refrigerators instead of repairing them because it’s much more cost-effective to have a new one built than make an old one unique again.

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