electronic junk: an old TV set

Electronic waste is big business; e-waste occupies 2% of the US’s landfills, but it makes up 70% of all the toxic waste. And the globe’s e-waste is expected to reach a humungous 120 million tonnes by 2050.

Much of this electronic waste even ends up in our nearby rivers and oceans. That can lead to groundwater and soil contamination, worsening air quality, and even harming wildlife.

If you are planning to get rid of the old appliances, you need to know the six things that people often forget about disposing of their devices:

1) Do not put your broken appliances into trash cans.

Electronics are not accepted into standard trash bags or garbage cans and will cause a fire if they are left with other trash. You may have to schedule a special pickup for your appliances.

2) Do not wrap appliances in plastic bags.

There is a possibility that the appliance will short circuit and start a fire if it is in contact with other items that are wrapped in plastic. If you cannot get rid of an appliance right away, make sure to keep it in a dry place and out of the way of children or pets.

3) Make sure to remove all batteries before tossing your electronics into a trash can.

Not only do these batteries contain toxic materials, but they can cause fires as well. You should also try to remove any cords or extra parts from your trash before leaving your home.

4) Use a Different Container

If you are allowed to throw out old electronics (such as electronic waste disposal), you should keep them in a different container from used paper products (such as cardboard boxes). The chemicals used in both products can destroy the electronic parts and shorten your life.

5) Ask Your Municipality

You also need to ensure that you dispose of the electronic waste properly. Use a recyclable plastic bag or other containers that contain an electronics recycling information label for this purpose. You can also call your local municipal solid waste or corporate services department for information on alternatives.

6) Make Sure They’re Not Damaged

Finally, if possible, make sure that your electronics are not damaged before entering the recycling process. This can cause harm to any recycling facilities and the staff that have to work with the electronics.

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