Lots of wasted toilet paper

So you’ve tried the KonMari method of tidying your home by keeping the items that spark joy and throwing away the things that don’t. Looking to keep it that way and reduce the junk at your home? Here are some ways you can reduce your waste in your bathroom and kitchen.


We generate unnecessary amounts of trash in our bathrooms. It’s possible to have all the toiletries and still maintain a junk-free bathroom. Here’s how you can do that:

Use Handkerchiefs Instead of Tissues

If you’re prone to getting the common cold, you’re continually using and throwing away lots of tissue paper. When you choose to use a handkerchief, you’ll see that it’s easy to wash and disinfect them for reusing – reducing the amount of trash produced.


Our kitchens produce a lot of trash from paper and plastic bags from restaurant deliveries and food containers to organic waste like fruit and vegetable cores and peels. Here are some ways we can reduce it.

Use Fabric Towels

Whenever something spills on the kitchen counter, instead of using paper towels and dumping them in the bin, use cloth pads or reusable towels. They absorb just as much liquid, and you can toss them in the laundry for cleaning and reusing.

Buy Reusable Cups

Do you know that we toss hundreds and thousands of disposable cups in the trash every day? That adds vast amounts of trash to the environment.

That’s why it’s best to buy a reusable travel mug. The cups are designed to keep your beverages hot and cold for an extended period and are pretty affordable.

Take Reusable Shopping Bags

Tote bags are cool, and everyone is carrying them around for style. You can take your cloth bags to the grocery store next time so that you don’t have to add to the trash by using disposable plastic and paper bags from the store.

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