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Americans are obsessed with their televisions because the sales soar to new heights every year. However, this obsession also means that a significant number of old televisions must be disposed of each year.

While several homes still have old CRT TVs, many get rid of their old LCD TVs. Television forms E-waste, and here’s all you need to know about its disposal.

Toxic Televisions

There are two types of television construction: the old one with cathode ray tubes (CRT) and the post-2000 flatscreen versions.

A CRT television is an enclosed box with a screen put at on end. Most CRT TVs are heavy and susceptible to cracking, implosion, and breakage. But what is inside the CRT TV?

A cathode ray tube contains around 8 lbs. of lead and a thick coating of cadmium phosphorous, along with other toxic metals.

With regular use, a CRT TV is safe. However, a broken CRT can release toxic metals and other materials on the ground and into the air.

Disposing of Old Televisions is Hard

Because of the toxic elements in televisions, recycling them is a complex and expensive process. Throwing them away is illegal in Woodstock and entire Georgia.

While old TVs have toxic cathode ray tubes that can be challenging to recycle or dispose of, old flat screen LCDs have around twenty mercury-filled tubes. Mercury is toxic and can poison a person upon ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact.

Disposing of an Old TV

In October 2001, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formulated guidelines stating that CRT televisions should be taken to recycling facilities. Later, in November 2002, the EPA started to fine people and companies disposed of CRT televisions by incineration and in landfills.

Here are three ways you can get rid of your old television set:

Ready For Television Disposal?

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